Sober All Inclusive

On Monday, my fiance, myself and 50 of our closest friends and family are all going to the Mayan Riviera for our wedding!

I am feeling all the emotions.  Nervous, excited, scared, happy. This is a new chapter in my life that I am anxious to start!  I have done all the planning I can do.  I am going to do my best not to worry about what people think, all the what ifs (family members getting to drunk) and just let it be as it is, without me trying to control everything.   God has this all under control, I know its in his hands.  I must let go of my expectations and just be myself and live it up!!!

The biggest thing about the trip is the fact that I will not be enjoying any drinks.  No beers on the beach, red wine with dinner, or champagne in our Jacuzzi tub.  However, there are soooo many other things that I have to look forward too that drinking just cant compare.

We are getting couples massages the day after the wedding. We have VIP access to the spa.   We have a Jacuzzi tub on the deck, where we will relax and do spa stuff (our fav thing to do).  I can wake up early (when everyone else has a hangover) and do my yoga and meditation and enjoy the most beautiful part of the day.  I wont be sick or hungover.  I can enjoy all the yummy food.  I will exercise and take care of my body.  I will not look bloated in my wedding pics.  I wont look drunk in my wedding pics.  I will enjoy every single memory of this once in a life time trip. I will come home proud of myself instead of full of self loathing and regret.  My new husband will admire me.  I can come home from my vacation relaxed and happy.

I will be back in a week to report, SOBER!!


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