1 month alcohol free

I woke up this morning with a reminder on my phone that I am 1 month alcohol free today!  Yipee!  I am not going to lie, this month has been a breeze.  The only time I felt truly tested was my bridal shower, and even then, it was a quick NO.

My mind is back and forth a lot which I think is to be expected.  One minute I am so happy that I have quit, and picture myself years from now, still sober, so proud of who I had become.  Then, literally a couple minutes later I will be feeling sorry for myself and wishing I could drink in Mexico etc.,  But, I am starting to realize that these are thoughts not facts and I am SOOO glad that I didnt act on them.

My cousin Jackie is just over a year sober, which is awesome!! She is in my wedding party and is the same age as me.  She is going to be my biggest support system.  I do not know if I could do it without her.  I think God planned that for me.  Thank you God!

The last month felt like an eternity, but I have a feeling this month is going to pass quickly.

Thoughts on 1 month sober:

  • Havent woken up with a hangover
  • Havent cyclically puked once
  • My anxiety is 50% less than what it used to be
  • My depression has also lessened considerably
  • I am beginning to get my self esteem and pride back
  • I am proud of myself
  • I have started to connect with other sober people
  • I am interested in goals and passions again

ALL positives! The only thing I have to start being mindful of is my eating.  I have been eating all the bad things.  Sweets, chips, pop, pizza.  I know my body was craving comfort, so I let it happen.  But, my wedding is 3 weeks away, so its crunch time until then, and I will come home to celebrate with a HUGE HAWAIIAN PIZZA!


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