Drinking Triggers

Its funny how the mind works.  One minute you absolutely hate alcohol and are like “omg I hate alcohol I will never drink again.”  And then ten minutes later you see old memories on Facebook and feel nostalgic and wish you hadn’t taken things so far.

My dad just came into the office and showed me a bunch of pictures of his recent trip to Mexico with his two brothers.    All of them, big drinkers.  I saw them drinking, and blah blah my thoughts go to my wedding and Mexico and how I wont ever enjoy that again.  However, the story is they all got so drunk, falling down, getting into fights, yelling at each other, pictures of them just looking out of it, and even a picture of 1 person with swollen ankles from drinking to much.  And this is what I wish I could partake in!?  The insanity I tell ya.

My biggest triggers are when I think about future events and think alcohol has to be involved to be fun.  But yet I have enjoyed every event sober better.  It such a weird way to think.  Luckily, many people know I no longer drink so I wont be!  I could tell I wasn’t truly ready before because I still didn’t want people to know in case I changed my mind.

G baby and I are going to have a date night and go to see the movie “I, Tonya”  I am pretty excited.   Other than that, going to relax, gym, maybe do some shopping 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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