Sober Bridal Shower

I survived my own bridal shower sober! And, I had the best time ever.  Crazy right?

Starting from the beginning:  I was getting ready and just thinking thoughts of alcohol all day long.  I even went and opened the alcohol cabinet and stared at it (forgot to close cupboard so when hubby came home he was scared I had drank). Wanting to drink because it is just so ingrained in me as a habit, and since most of my alcohol abuse stems from my so called social anxiety it was really hard for me not to do.  ESPECIALLY since Its a party in my honor and that makes me feel weird.  However, I actually enjoyed having a party thrown for me, and I didn’t feel awkward and had the best time!  It crazy my mind can make up all sorts of different scenarios (all bad).

On the way there nothing went as planned.  I was supposed to pick up the cake on the way.  I didn’t realize the lady who made the cake lived on the other side of town now so I didn’t plan ahead well enough.  I was supposed to be at my moms house at 1, and I was just leaving to get the cake at 1.  Then of course, my mind mind is elsewhere so I missed a bunch of turns, got lost, got stuck behind every slow driver and hit every red light.  Every fiber in my body wanted to drink.  I did feel a bit shaky.  By the time I got there, I didn’t have time to even think because I was late and guests were already there.  Then I just went with it, filled up a wine glass with fresca, and sipped on it during the entire party.

Not one person asked me what I was drinking, or offered me a drink.  I didn’t feel nervous or anxious at all and I thoroughly enjoyed opening all my gifts and feeling all the love from everyone.

Lots of people dipped out at 5pm when it was over, but some family stayed until about 6:30 and then they were going to go see “I, Tonya”.  I was pretty tired, and just so glad I had made it through that I wanted to go home and relax with G and the boys! So thats what I did 🙂  Overall it went wonderful, and so glad I pushed through it, and so glad I got to start challenging some of these long held beliefs that arent even true!


Over all the positives are:

  • I was present and took in the whole experience
  • I remember everything
  • I took the time to actually greet and say goodbye to each guest
  • I took the time to speak with each guest and to thank each guest for their gift
  • I didn’t really crave alcohol after the party got going
  • I drove myself home
  • I woke up so proud and so happy I didn’t drink

Things to take away from this experience:

  • Its never as bad as your mind thinks it up to be
  • Everyone gets nervous before parties
  • It takes a while for the party to get going, thats normal
  • Keep a mocktail in hand and keep it full
  • Enjoy all the yummy treats and food(never did that when drinking)- seriously best part
  • Take time to really be present and focus on other people and conversations and listening
  • Drive so that you can feel like a badass going home sober- or in the event you feel at risk of drinking, you can get the hell out of there!

Now up is my bachelorette!  2 down, 2 to go!

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