You cant change the world

This has been something thats been coming up for me lately.  If I have discovered something,  I think that everyone should just hop on board and that my way is the right way.  That is not true.

Im glad I can see that though.  However anyone can get and stay sober is wonderful.  There doesn’t have to be one right way.  Whatever works for each individual.  Whether that be AA, rational recovery, holistic recovery.

Instead of spending so much energy and focus on convincing other people of the reasons why I dont drink I am just going to silently do my thing.  I am going to be  a good example, and change myself.   Thats the only way to do it.  You cant force someone to think the way you do, or do the things you want them to do.  Thats life.  I think i am finally starting to realize the beauty that we are all different and all think and act differently.  I am just going to own my personal power and my choice of sobriety, and if anyone does want to try it on for size I would be more than willing to help 🙂

Anywhoo, I had such a good weekend.  G baby and I spent the weekend basically at home as it is so cold out.  We watched movies, watched a bunch of motivation YouTube videos, got tons of reading done.  I cleaned the house on Sunday, went to the gym and bought groceries for the week!  WIN!!  I never do that shit when im drinking.  The day after drinking I just want to be a sloth on the couch and eat bad foods.


I whipped up a yummy bulletproof coffee with cinnamon on Sunday!

My depression has started to lift.  For a while there I had this internal thought of “Whats the point in even trying to become something or quit drinking etc., we are going to die anyways.”

I realize now what a cynical outlook that is on life. And now that I am getting the booze out of my life I am back excited for every day things and goals.  Its so crazy how much alcohol affects our body, minds and souls and we get so used it to we dont even know any better.

I have to find something to wear to my bridal shower coming up next weekend.  I am a bit nervous about having all eyes on me and being the center of attention, but I guess it will be good practice for the wedding.  And like I said yesterday, I have to start stepping out of my comfort zone.


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