Sober October- Day 3

Feeling pretty good this morning.  Slept good last night, was in bed before 10pm and up to the gym at 6 this morning.

I love working out in the mornings as when I get home from a long day at the office I just do not want to go to the gym like at all.

I am using this booze free month to make sure that I get into good shape for our trip to Jamaica coming up in 6 weeks.  I always wait till the last minute for everything and then go all in lol.  I have such black and white thinking.

So I am eating healthy again, which is good, as for the past 2 months it hasn’t been so good.  Pizza, chips, cookies, chocolate… I am always filling this massive whole I have with something.  If it isn’t booze, its weed, or its food, or its binge reading and watching blogs and podcasts and books on being sober.  I will take the last one any day though!

I am such a junkie for personal growth.  I always want to be better, grow, change, learn… I have this imagine in my head of who I am supposed to be, and I get really upset when I don’t follow through with that.  Its called a high dissonance situation, and it causes a lot of stress.

No cravings for alcohol yet, but cravings for weed, and bad foods… must persevere!


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