38 days weed free!

Well.  I kind of almost forgot that I haven’t smoked weed in 38 days!!!!  That is monumental for me!  Longest I have ever gone in 12 years.  I am damn proud.  I rarely even think about it anymore, I have been busy working on my sobriety from alcohol now.

Last time I quit drinking, I was still smoking pot basically the whole time (with 1 three week break).  So I think I still had a lot of the social anxiety and mood swings from the pot all the time.  This time I am completely 100% clean, no pills, no medication, no booze, no weed.  I feel great.

Yesterday, I was a bit moody and tired and had the thought smoking weed would be nice, but it was fleeting, and I took a bath and went to bed.  It was never even a question of whether I would, it just crossed my mind for a minute.  I LOVE the teetotal lifestyle.  I am beginning to love myself.  I started up a sober Instagram account called @liveyourbestlifexo as well, and I am focusing on all the positives of being completely sober, and there are MANY.  I refuse to give into societies thinking that drinking and smoking is cool, it isn’t.  Taking care of yourself is cool!

I do notice being around certain people who make me uncomfortable makes me want to drink.  I’m going to have to work on that!

Positives of being off weed so far:

  • No more anxiety
  • No more depression
  • Smoother mood transitions
  • No more dissonance between who I want to be and who I am
  • No feeling guilty that I am still smoking
  • Can drive around and not freak out
  • The in laws come over lots- not worrying about it smelling like weed
  • I need ALOT less sleep
  • I am interested in yoga, meditation again
  • I am reading every night again
  • I am not as shy and my social anxiety has gone down
  • My eyes are now white and I look well rested
  • I don’t have the bottomless pit munchies
  • I am regaining my self respect
  • I am saving $450 per month
  • Spending more time doing face masks, massages,  self care
  • I care about my appearance a lot more
  • I love dreaming again- and can remember them!
  • I am quite talkative now, my fiancé is like is this who you’ve always been?
  • I want to have deeper conversations
  • and many more.

pretty damn pumped.



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