over 3 months

I haven’t blogged in a while- life has been sooo busy!  I have been doing both the secretary’s and my job since I fired her.  It has been really good.  No more feeling like I have to walk on egg shells in my own office.

Althougcacd6cf6c347a4eeb3891c51daff8192h now I am a lot busier, I am actually a lot more productive, and happier.  Win, win.  I am liking being by myself for now- I am not sure when I will hire again.

I am still sober- and would be over 3 months sober now- minus that 1 day I had some drinks.  I still count it as 3 months going on 4 months sober as I have learnt and grown so much over this period of time.  I am unrecognizable to myself even.

We went to the lake this weekend and I had a good time, paddle boarding, picking berries, went for a long walk with G and the fur babies.  All stuff I NEVER EVER would have done at the lake before.  The lake was to get FUCKED UP Friday-Sunday, come home and die in my bed, feel like shit all day Monday and possibly Tuesday, with the worst anxiety, then finally Wednesday feel better.

Instead we came home Sunday and I cleaned the house, got groceries, set my goals for the week, read, had a bath did a face mask etc. it was awesome!

I also have been waking up at 6am every day, without even trying anymore, and I meditate, stretch, pray and go for a walk or do some yoga every day now.

However, I think I may be going through what the recovery community refers too as PAWS.  Just feeling blah.  I have been angry, irritable, could blow up at anyone, and don’t have any patience.

This too, shall pass!

Cheers to a happy, sober week friends!

2 thoughts on “over 3 months

  1. Paddle boarding?? Berry picking?? Fur babies?? Yep, we’re twins. 🙂
    So glad you’re getting comfy with being sober. It really is a beautiful journey – that can get on your nerves sometimes (stupid PAWS).


    • We are twins- I tell ya! I am sooo going through that right now, just feeling blah. I don’t even have much to say just irritable at the world!! LOL, this to shall pass! Hugs girl.


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