Regaining sober momentum

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I am regaining my sober momentum again- and loving it!  This time around I feel even more dedicated, and now I KNOW I can do it- and how much better life is without alcohol.

Although this week is probably a week I would have drank heavily.  I am having problems at work with my Secretary.  She gives me the silent treatment, shes rude and its really affecting my life.  So, I had to fire her yesterday.  And all weekend I had the worst anxiety, I just wanted it over with, and didn’t know how I was going to do it.

Usually I would have come home drank to forget the feelings, or blown up on her or done something stupid.  This time, I sat with the feelings, waited until I calmed down, did the mature adult thing, and fired her nicely.

Today I feel so relieved, the old me would def never have handled this like an adult.  I am way more in tune with who I can and can not have around me, I listen to my instincts and gut feelings and I am much happier.

I also went to the lake this weekend with the fam jam, G and our fur babies.  I really wanted to drink on Saturday, as everyone else was, but I got out on my paddle-board, prayed to God, remembered all the reasons I was sober, and had an amazing time.  At sunset, I felt the wind in my hair, the water on my toes and the sun on my face and in that moment I felt euphoric, like the kind of euphoric I used to get from drinking… it was pure bliss.

I hope there are more moments like that to come!



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