Canada Day



Hi guysss.  The long weekend is coming up and I am scared.  My boyfriend and I have these plans to go to Waskesui with his buddies, and a girlfriend of mine.  I am confident I won’t drink, but not confident I will have a good time.

I am so much more into reading, yoga, jogging, nature, baths, etc at the moment.  Sometimes when I go away for the weekend I don’t spend enough time doing self care things and I end up coming home feeling out of sorts.   I also don’t like to be trapped somewhere where there is going to be a lot of drinking and partying, and really I have no escape because we are tenting.

I want my boyfriend to have  a good time, just because I have changed and I am a bit more uptight now, doesn’t mean he isn’t still young and can’t relax and enjoy the long weekend his with buddies.

I am going to make an effort to have as much fun as possible without booze, to be outgoing, to be relaxed and not too hard on G, and to just let loose.

As long as I keep my smoking to a minimum or to the evenings, then I won’t become a non social stoner LOL (which has been happening to me more now that I am not drinking)



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