Wisdom Teeth Pain



I got my wisdom teeth taken out last Thursday, and here it is the following Wednesday and I still have so much pain.

My back bottom left isn’t healing as well, and it is the only one that’s causing me severe pain.  I went back yesterday as I knew it couldn’t be right after still 6 days and they inserted a medicated pad in the wound (which hurt like nothing else I’ve ever felt), and said it will be much better tomorrow.  Yeah well tomorrows another day, when you have a throbbing pain going all the way up the side of your face and all your teeth feel like they are falling out.   They didn’t give me any additional pain meds, so I suffered pretty hard last night.

But like the dentist said, I do feel 50% better today.  The pain is still there, but not as severe.  Today is the first day I have made it back to work, not sure if I should have come in, but I am getting so anxious sitting around in pain all day.

I was thinking, you know what would have sucked, if I was still drinking.  How did I ever heal anything with my body just trying to get all the toxins out of me all the time.  I took antibiotics with this surgery and this is the first time I’ve taken antibiotics and I haven’t drank on them (scary I know).

I had another little ‘aha’ moment before the surgery.  I was signing the forms to say everything was all good, and under personal habits, they wanted me to enter what I did in my recreational time.  I skipped past alcohol and tobacco, and under recreational drugs I did mention I smoke weed because I didn’t want it to affect anesthesia or anything.  But that’s besides the point, in the chair, I thought holy shit!  I just said I don’t drink alcohol. period. nope. yay.

So for that I can be thankful, and I made it through this sober!

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