I feel so restless.  I want to pack everything up from Saskatchewan and move to BC.  Where I can hike all year round, grow my own garden year round, get away from my old life and build a brand new life that reflects who I am now.

I want to start fresh, new place, new job, new friends, away from my family drama.  Just me G and the fur babies.  But is that realistic?  I mean, yes I easily could.  But then there’ our house here, my family, this job (where I know I won’t get to be my own boss and make good money anywhere else).

I have noticed my impulsiveness is coming back full force.  I want to do everything NOW.  This weekend I binge ate sugar Saturday and Sunday evening (felt like shit) and I am feeling out of sorts right now.  I am feeling angry almost, irritable.  I just want to tell everybody to fuck off and tell them what I think about them.

I guess the saying is you shouldn’t make any big life decisions or changes in the first year, I can see why that might be true..



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