I like myself


Life is good.  I have definitely been on a pink cloud for the last two weeks!  Sobriety is awesome, I couldn’t be happier with where I am.  I am sure this will change though, as sobriety is not a straight line.  I am only 1.5 months into being sober, how can I feel like I’ve got it all down already.

I DON’T!  I can’t get ahead of myself and get cocky with all of this, because I feel like when I let my guard down that little whisper may start to come back.

I am beginning to hang around with a different group of people.  People who have passions and goals and are excited about life!  I MUST hang around people who only bring me up and make me want to be the best version of myself!

Tonight I am going for a river walk and tea with an old friend I lost touch with so long ago- as we chose different paths- and now we are reconnecting!  How cool is that!

Another thing that’s just happened without much effort on my part is that my pot smoking is down to 1 hoot a day!  And always at the end of the day before bed, so I can make the most of my days.  I am finding now through my sobriety that I love who I am now, I don’t want to dull my senses or my gifts from God.

I don’t want this feeling to ever end!  I will sit back and enjoy this pink little cloud I am sitting on 🙂

Happy Thursday guys!! xoxox

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