I feel so restless.  I want to pack everything up from Saskatchewan and move to BC.  Where I can hike all year round, grow my own garden year round, get away from my old life and build a brand new life that reflects who I am now. I want to start fresh, new place, new … Continue reading Restless


I have been very irritable the last couple days.  I feel like no one understands me.  This weekend I had another huge reminder that my friends really only want me around when it benefits them in some way or another. My one friend A always asks me to come to her house, but will NEVER … Continue reading Irritable


I had a lovely weekend.  The weather was nice, and I was in high spirits. Friday was a relaxing night in with G .  Saturday, G and I went to a little lake near by, to visit some friends camping there.  It was nice, we ate super healthy veggies and fruits, sat by the beach … Continue reading Reminders