I’ve heard when you get sober that you often lose a lot of the people you used to hang out with and party with.  Some people get upset by this, secretly I wish this would happen to me. I’m not sure why but I am annoyed with my friends lately.  

They are all supportive of my sobriety and still make a big effort to hang out with me, but I am not for some reason..

I said no to my best friends about a baby shower get together  this weekend because I really didn’t want to go, and I am not close with these people and honestly I’m sick of people telling me what to do. I’m more mad at myself I think, for allowing these people to control so much that I do,think and say. 

I’m never the one to say no. So even though I did on Thursday and then on Friday again, I got asked this morning to RE confirm I wasn’t going and why and why I should blah blah. In the end I said flat out no thanks. Why do I have to explain myself to anyone? They have no clue what I am going through. It’s annoying and frustrating when people want you to do things for either their advantage or they try to force the way they want it to go. I said NO!!!! Lol jk.. But seriously. 

I just have to do this  thing for me. The silent voice inside is growing stronger, I am getting more self confident everyday. 

Nothing’s stopping this car rolling downhill as belle at sick of thinking about drinking says! 

Much love, xo

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