Day 32- May Long Weekend


I am feeling on top of the world lately.  It’s actually scaring me how easy this whole stay sober thing is.  I have had thoughts of drinking, but I absolutely know I will not.  Something in me has switched.

We went to the casino with another couple last night.  I am nervous around these people, but I just said screw it, be yourself.  So we went, I drank coffee, they all drank beers, we played some slots, and my man and me both left up 100+ dollars richer.  Then we left at a decent time, and I went to bed sober again!  woohooo.

I am beginning to realize maybe I was the only one drinking as heavily as I was. When I look around, my friends had 1 or 2 beers and they were done.  That definitely wouldn’t have been me 2 months ago, once I found out we were going, I would have chugged wine first so that I wouldn’t feel anxious.

It’s so ridiculous.  Its becoming very apparent to me, that I was trying to hide from who I was.   Now my goal is to BE WHO I AM.  No matter what anyone else thinks!

I know its early days, so I can’t get a head of myself, I’ve got a big journey ahead, but lately, this sobriety thing rocks!

Here’s to a May Long at the lake, where I will be running, sipping tea, reading, and enjoying the beach!

Much Love, xo

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