Dinner with the girls


Last night I went to my weekly yoga class and left feeling wonderful.  The gym is so addicting to me now, and without all those extra booze calories my body is looking and feeling better than ever.

After yoga I was going to meet my girlfriends at Original Joes for some appetizers (wine for them) for a birthday get together.  While I was laying in Savasana my mind kept drifting to the meal I get to nourish my body with after, and not even”AHHH how am I going to not drink wine”.    It felt so awesome once I realized that.

I also realized just how much more confident I am and sure of myself.  I used to get anxiety at the thought of going out, drinking, how much I can drink, leaving on time for work etc.  And every time I would end up going home WAY later than I said I would – always 1 more glass of wine, and being sick and hungover at work the next day.

Not yesterday.  I had much better conversations with my girlfriends, and actually listened to them talk.  I didn’t crave wine at all.  I got a good chance to talk with my friends about my new found sobriety and why it is working for me, they are all supportive (but I think a bit uncomfortable with my new sobriety) .  AND I left when I felt like was the right time, not because I cared what anyone else thought of me.  I woke up today FRESH and grateful for another day sober! 🙂

One thing I did take note of was when explaining why I HATE alcohol and literally think it is the devils drink, was I said “I see it for what it really is now, no seductions, it is poison”

haha..  well my one friend was quick to say “well I love drinking”.

Its really hard not to talk about being sober, loving being sober, the benefits etc. when you have finally after so many years of struggling, seen the light.    So many positive things are building up in my life through becoming sober.   I must admit I am secretly judging everyone now that I’m not drinking, watching how much they drink, how fast, how they act etc..  I know its badddddd… I just want everyone to know how wonderful being sober is!

But that’s just wishful thinking… 😉

Much love,



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