Our days are basically made up of our habits, good and bad.  We go on auto pilot through our days where things we do, have just become a HABIT.  IE, brushing teeth, going to work, coffee every morning, donuts in the staff room at break, etc.   I recently read the book “The Power of Habit”  It was a really good read, and I challenge everyone to give it a read.

It basically says, to change your life, you must change your habits.

Habits are built off a reward system.  To try to replace bad habits with good ones, you have to replace the habit that takes your urge away, with a healthier habit, but still receive the same reward.

I used to have a really productive week, or day, and come home to drink wine as my “reward”.  Now, instead I will do something good and healthy to my body, like buy a new item of clothing, go to the gym, get all my to-do list checked off.  And the feeling at the end is still the same reward I have been looking for.  Relaxation, contentment, feeling proud, feeling happy.

Lately I’ve been trying to add new simple, small habits into my morning/evening routines to become healthier and happier, instead of taking on everything all at once.

I am a person who loves  to overhaul all my bad habits in one day, start fresh and go at it with gusto!  That is, until I get a craving, or tired, cranky, bored, lazy and then just as fast as my motivation started, it waned.

I’ve done this with plenty of thing, cleanses, “diets”, beauty regimes, work out schedules, monthly goals..

I realized I can’t be so black and white anymore, I have to find a happy balance, and start incorporating small do-able daily habits to my life, and over time, those bad habits will naturally fall away!

So far my daily goals are:

  • protien shake everyday
  • take all my vitamins everyday
  • take off makeup, wash face and brush teeth every night
  • drink glass of warm water with lemon first thing every morning
  • drink as much water as I can

I challenge everyone to take inventory of their habits, even the ones we do on autopilot, and consider if any of these habits need shaking up!

Much love, xo



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