A secret…

Monday morning.  I spent all yesterday, planning, preparing, and reading about my new challenge. I am so excited! I have always been a person who loves challenges.  Although I have never been one to actually finish through with any challenge.  Since I have followed through (t0 42) days without alcohol, I am learning quite a … Continue reading A secret…


Hiiiii babes.  It's Friday, it's sunny.  I'm thinking about that first sip of a smooth red wine.  The way it lights up my insides as it travels to my bloodstream.  The first ahhhh of the weekend commencing, my stresses and cares floating out the window. I can picture myself sitting in the backyard, reading my … Continue reading Tired


For some reason I have not written about a bigggg life changing event that took place in my life 2 years ago.  Which should have been my rock bottom.  I think it was the first of several rock bottoms. I was still at that stage in my life where drinking shots excessively was an awesome … Continue reading My DUI

35 days

Last night I was thinking about how the first 2+ weeks of my sobriety, I was excited and had motivation, and drinking was not even a thought.  I was MUCH better off without it. I still know I am much better off without it, but lately I think I have been slacking in my recovery. … Continue reading 35 days


Its 2:00 pm on the Friday of a long weekend.  The last post I wrote this morning, I was feeling fantastic and ready to take on the sober weekend.  Now I'm having intense cravings to CHUG a bottle of wine.  Not a glass.  I know that's not a healthy relationship. I want to let loose- … Continue reading Envy