work in progress

I originally started this blog with intent to document my personal journey discovering my higher power and passions.  Now adding to this blog- I am going to document my sober journey in helps to keep myself motivated and accountable- and maybe in hopes of making some new sober connections 🙂

I have always struggled with alcohol- from a very early age.  Alcohol was around me everywhere.  I drank to get DRUNK with friends, and continued this reckless behavior into my mid-twenties.  Something about falling asleep, embarrassing myself and my boyfriend, feeling regret, shame and dealing with hangovers is no longer “just a good time” , “everyone is doing it”.  I become someone I do not like when I drink.  I am more argumentative, and selfish, and I just have a tunnel vision focus on one thing- get more alcohol to get you to that lovely, lushy drunk feeling you love oh so much.

After my last blackout- don’t worry I’ll let you in on all the dirty details later 😉  I have decided enough is enough.

This past weekend I survived my first weekend sans alcohol.  It went seemingly smooth considering it was a long weekend- Monday off from work- and Valentine’s weekend.  Both excuses I would have used to get bombed, and most likely fall asleep and ruin the entire weekend for my boyfriend.  Nope not this weekend.  We attended a fishing derby, went out for a great sushi valentines dinner, went to the dog park with our fur babies and watched tons of new films 🙂

I am quite proud of myself!

I have a vacation to Hawaii coming up in 10 days that is wearing on my mind.  I keep having the pesky little addict in me saying “come on, your going to be on vacation, you can enjoy a drink and control yourself”… but I don’t want to test those waters, as I KNOW I will enjoy the holiday probably more without the not knowing whats going to happen and horrible headaches.

Much love, xo


Week 1-My Sober Journey

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