You do not need to hit rock bottom or be some weirdo to quit drinking.  You can quit drinking at any time that you want.   Stopping drinking is not some sad consequence, it is a proud choice.  One you should be extremely proud of.  It isnt easy in our drink centric culture to question our relationships with alcohol or to even talk about it.  It doesnt matter if youve only drank once, if you drink everday, if you binge drink, all that matters is you have dont like how alcohol affects you or your life, and that you wont stand for it anymore! By doing so, you are hugely ahead of the game.  I passionately believe that sobriety is on the rise.  We are starting to talk about these things- and bring them out into the light.  We are starting to realize that being sober isnt old, boring or lame.  Its exciting, rewarding and lets you live your best life.  (hello no hangover ever)

We have been brainwashed as a society to believe we need alcohol for any type of feeling or situation, and anyone who doesn’t drink either has a problem or is an outcast.  This needs to end! Once you become aware of the one-sided story we are being fed constantly in advertising you cant go back to not being aware.  It is everywhere.  And it only shows the beautiful, glamorous, fun side of drinking.   All while the government is keeping the masses dumbed down, and raking in the dough.   Alcohol is the only drug in the world that you have to justify to people why you arent taking it.  Alcohols statistics are just as deadly as heroins statistics, but if someone told you that they quit taking heroin, you wouldnt ask them why you would think that was awesome.

It isnt sexy and cool to drink alcohol.  It is the exact opposite.  I love not following the crowd.  Not doing what 80% of the population does.  THAT is being a rebel, that is going against the grain.  You dont need to dumb yourself down to socialize, or deal with stress.  That is real confidence, that is sexy.  What is sexy about alcohol anyways?  It dehydrates you, ages you, makes you act like a fool, increases cancer, causes broken capillaries, the list goes on and on.  We live in a time of health and wellness.  Everywhere you look we are trying to be our best selves.  We spend so much money on it.  We detox, we gym, we yoga, we go vegan or all natural, we go organic, we meditate, go to the spa, get treatments done, do facemasks and  countless other things to help protect our bodies and then we pour actual poison down our throats as though that one is a non negotiable!?  I think deep down we know there is something wrong with this.  I know I did.

Cutting alcohol out of my life has completely changed me for the better.  I am happier, healthier, I have passions and goals.  My skin is clear, I am hydrated and have no bloat.  I dont deal with debilitating anxiety or depression.  I am free, that is my hope for you too!

I think its time we change our perspectives on what a sober life is!  Cuz its fucking amazing.


6 thoughts on “YOU SHOULD BE PROUD.

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